How do I access the FIFA 23 Web App / companion? - FIFA 23 Web App

The FIFA 23 web app is available in early access since September 21, 2022. To open it, you just have to connect on the official website and log in with your EA account.

To have access to the web application of the game, you must have purchased the game FIFA 23 before October 17, 2022. Remember to connect to the account used on your platform (PS5, PS4, PC,...).

How to unlock FIFA 23 apps?

The web app starts with an early access phase. FIFA 22 players have about a month to access it between September and October. However, there are a few criteria that must be met:

  • Have played FIFA 22 before August 1st 2022
  • Not having deleted your FIFA 22 account
  • Not having been banned.

If you respect these three points, you should be able to connect directly.

What are the rewards for loyal players?

Rewards are based on your account's reputation in the game, as well as your player history, commitment and account status. Your rewards may differ from those of other players.

How to access the transfer market on the web app?

As with access to the web application, there are some restrictions before you can access the transfer market. To limit access to the bots, you must have played for several days before unlocking access. This limitation is not present if your account has not been banned in previous versions of the game.

It takes between two and four days of play (with about 3 games per day), depending on your account history, to unlock it.

I was banned in FIFA 22, will I still be banned in FIFA 23?

If you were sanctioned in the transfer market in FIFA 22, this sanction should not be applied in FIFA 23.

However, if your device has been suspended, you will not be able to play.