Player positions in EA FC 24 - EA FC 24 Guides

As in real-life soccer, players in EA FC 24 have a specific position on the pitch. Each player's position is indicated on their card with an abbreviation such as CB for "Centre-back", which would be translated as DC in French, DFC in Spanish or IV in German.

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There are 17 positions in the game:

  • Guardian (G)
  • Midfield (MC)
  • Central defender (DLD)
  • Right wing (AD)
  • Central defensive midfielder (CDM)
  • Left defender (DG)
  • Left lateral defender (DLG) :
  • Right defender (DD)
  • Central attacking midfielder (MOC)
  • Left wing (AG)
  • Left middle (LH)
  • Front center (AC)
  • Goal scorer (BU)
  • Right midfield (RH)

Each player has a primary position and can have up to 3 secondary positions. If a player has a position on one side of the pitch, such as right-back, he will have a secondary position of left-back, etc...

Change a player's position

It is no longer possible to change a player's position in EA FC 24, except in career mode. The consumables enabling this have been removed.